Talks, Treks & Tasks 2019

We are thankful to Lake Champlain Basin Program for funding our Talks, Treks, & Tasks programming again in 2018. Our first events are May 4 (downtown walk as part of Jane's Walks) and June 1 (National Trails Day). More events are being added to our calendar on this website (

Jane's Walk 2019

Join us for our second annual Jane's Walk. Once again, we'll be focusing on downtown Plattsburgh. Meet at 10 AM in front of City Hall on Saturday, May 4, 2018. The walk will last an hour. There are no stairs involved.

Sponsored by Friends of Saranac River Trail, the Downtown Walk is free.

Jane's Walks are inspired by the work of Jane Jacobs (Wikipedia article here)

Jane's book, The Death and Life of Great Amerian Cities has been a bible for people interested in the preservation and regeneration of neighborhoods in cities. Critical to her work is her admonition that people explore the cities they live in. The experts on a city are the people who live there. After her death, a number of groups around the world decided to dedicate the first weekend of May (her birthday) to urban walks on which people look and listen to their neighborhoods. (There's more information on Jane's Walks and information on cities around the world — including Plattsburgh — that are participating on the web here.

Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 10:00am

Jane's Walk 2019: 10 AM at City Hall

SRTG Board Packet March 14 2018

LaPierre Lane Riverway

LaPierre Lane Riverway is the first completed spur of the Saranac River Trail Greenway (SRTG) outside the City of Plattsburgh.  The SRTG is a 27 mile trail concept extending from the City of Plattsburgh, through the Towns of Plattsburgh, Schuyler Falls and Saranac.    

There are many unique features of LaPierre Lane Riverway including:  

Treks: Photos, Water Pollution Control Plant, Invasive Species

Join Friends of Saranac River Trail over the next month for our mid-Summer treks.

For more information use


  • Photo Trek with Ron Nolland and Penny Clute

Saturday, June 23, 2018 10-11:30 AM. 

Meet at Peace Point Park (next to City Marina on the waterfront at the foot of Dock Street)

Join professional photographers Penny Clute and Ron Nolland as we explore the area around Peace Point Park (next to the City Marina). There's lots to explore — the lake, the boaters and anglers, and the every-day things we don't pay attention to. Bring your camera and curiosity.

  • Water Pollution Control Plant

Saturday, July 21, 2018 10-11:30 AM.

“It‘s like walking through a chemistry set!“ Meet at the plant at 53 Green Street (parking available there or behind the Amtrak station). This is a rare opportunity to see how the City keeps the lake clean. Wear sturdy shoes and be prepared to climb some stairs, but the views from the top of the plant are spectacular.

  • Invasive Species along the Saranac River Trail

Saturday, July 28, 2018 10-11:30 AM.

Learn how to identify these unwelcome guests and learn some tips about controlling them in your environment.


  • And coming up in late Summer and early Fall...

Downtown Trek 2! The reaction to our Downtown Treks was great, so we‘re going to explore another aspect of downtown. Plans now are to visit 4-5 of the downtown churches focusing on their history and architecture.

Did you miss Downtown Trek 1? Do you wish some of your friends had known about it and been able to join the Trek? Please email us and let us know if you’re interested in a repeat of Downtown Trek 1 (

Saranac River Trail Greenway — Blue Trails Extension: Conditions Report

The trail will extend from the current westward terminus at George Angell Drive in the City of Plattsburgh to a point approximately 2.15 miles to the west at Reeves Lane in the Town of Plattsburgh. This section of the trail is ready for advancement since it will be constructed on public sector property, extending through the Plattsburgh City School District High School property, the SUNY Plattsburgh Field House and sports complex and westward across City of Plattsburgh property to Reeves Lane. With the views of the river and especially the imperial dam, there is a desire to keep the trail near river.

Clinton County (County) has received Regional Waterfront Program Key Project funds to design the next segment of the Saranac River Trail Greenway in the City and Town of Plattsburgh.This project is supported by funding from the Environmental Protection Fund through the New York State Department of State (DOS) Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. 


Thanks to Boire Benner Group for Our Great Brochure!

Articles about Jane's Walk: Downtown Plattsburgh on National Trails Day, June 2, 2018 10-11:30 AM

Join us for the walk on May 5, 2018, repeated on National Trails Day, June 2, 2018.

Thanks to everyone who has liked and shared the article on Facebook. The Walk has attracted interest and support far and wide. Nice to hear from friends in the area and a bit further afield -- Oxford (England), New York City, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Hudson, Delaware, Aberdeen (Scotland), and friends from Wakefield High School (Arlington, VA). 

So far, the weather predictions are favorable for the 5th, but keep your fingers crossed!

Support us by spreading the word to meet in front of City Hall at 10 AM on May 5.

Don't be a pest or nag, but a subtle reminder to yourself and friends a few days before the work would be greatly appreciated. The usual channels -- in person, telephone, message, and social media -- can help.

Here's the answer to the most-asked question about the walk:

Which way does the walk go? We know it starts at City Hall, but where next? Answer: We'll decide on the 5th depending on how many people show up. If you want to do some shopping at the Co-op or Dresscode, join the group that starts at the Early/Logan studio at 4 MacDoough Street and ends at the Co-op and Dresscode. The other group will go the other way.

Article from the Sun.

Article from the Press-Republican.

Downtown Plattsburgh Jane's Walk

Friends of Saranac River Trail Announce:

Jane’s Walk: Plattsburgh


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